Loyalty Binds Us

Trouble In Pembrook

A message arrived via raven at Blood Mountain, it was from a member of the Night’s Watch, Ser Meyric Frey. The message requested urgent help from House Bael as the knight was under siege from the local smallfolk in the hamlet of Pembrook.

The group travelled down the mountain to the hamlet and discovered that a group of four Black Brothers were locked in the local smithy and surrounded by angry villagers. The group found out that a local girl, Gilly, had been found dead in the river that morning and the locals blamed the men of the Night’s Watch.

Upon further investigation it was revealed that the girl was pregnant and had been carrying out an affair with Ser Meyric for the last year. She was pregnant and had asked Ser Meyric to take her away from her arranged marriage with a local farmer, Cedric. It seems that Gilly drowned herself when Ser Meyric refused to take her with him.

Borys Bael informed the assembled smallfolk that Gilly had slipped off a log bridge to her death and the whole incident was just an unfortunate accident. Although the smallfolk seemed to accept this version of events, Cedric was enraged and rushed toward the smithy in an attempt to get at Ser Meyric inside. Borys was hurt in the altercation but Cedric was swiflty dealt with by Aemon Snow.

Aneurin escorted the members of the Night’s Watch to Blood Mountain (through a chorus of boos and thrown veg from the smallfolk) and took Cedric back to the castle for punishment. Aneurin decreed that Cedric should be forced to take the black for assaulting a noble and the Night’s Watch would also be informed via raven that Ser Meyric had broken his vows of celibacy.



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