House Dannett


The Dannetts are not the most renowned of their liege lord’s banner houses, but their longstanding protection of several of the regions’ larger farming communities ensures them a fair amount of influence in local politics, and a decent income from their tenants. In the tumultuous years of the War of the Usurper, the Dannetts skirted the edge of loyalties and seized every opportunity to switch allegiance as the fickle winds of war shifted. They initially remained loyal to Harren the Black against Aegon the Conqueror during his conquests. Choosing their moment well, the Dannetts surrendered when Harren’s forces wavered rather than face certain destruction; Aegon permitted them to keep their lands. During Robert’s Rebellion, House Dannett wisely followed the lead of the Usurper, knowing they could abandon this course and claim they were coerced into rebellion. The Rebellion proved too close to read, and House Dannett was compelled to commit their forces to Robert’s cause in full. The Dannetts suffered great losses, and the current head of the house is the sole survivor of seven brothers. Targaryen forces besieged and badly damaged the Dannetts’ keep early in the Rebellion. At the Rebellion’s end, with Robert Baratheon crowned King, it seemed the Dannett’s steadfast support would win them a place in history and a hand on the helm of the future. But despite generous support from their liege lord, ill fortune has cursed House Dannett at every turn. Several years of poor harvests, resultant famine, illness, and ever-growing debt plunge the house into ever more dire straits. Desperation has seized Lord Alfric Dannett, who knows the only salvation for his struggling house is to keep up appearances long enough for the tides of ill fortune plaguing his family to subside.


House Dannett is a house in the North, in lands neighbouring those of House Bael. The members of the house are:

LORD ALFRIC DANNETT – Elderly lord and broken man. He saw six of his brothers die during Robert’s Rebellion and has had difficulty in maintaining his lands and power over the last decade.

SER ADHAM DANNETT – Heir to the house and young knight. He was killed during a tournament at King’s Landing. House Bael was accused of his murder but were proven innocent via trial by combat.

IRIS DANNETT – First daughter and now heir to the house. She fled an arranged marriage to a merchant, Ruben Piper, and was ended up working as a courtesan in King’s Landing. She resurfaced during the tournament where Adham was killed and accused House Bael of murder. She is now betrothed to Orten Lugus.

House Dannett

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