Loyalty Binds Us

Peril At King's Landing

The PC members of House Bael travelled to King’s Landing in order to participate in the king’s tournament and to see the many sights of the capital of Westeros.

During the journey to King’s Landing the PCs found the corpses of five mercenaries in camp just off the roadside. They had seemingly been murdered in their sleep. The PCs reached Dag’s Inn where they learned that a couple of weeks previously a man called the Fox Knight had recruited mercenaries. He had then returned a couple of days ago and spread rumours about House Bael murdering innocent farmers and smallfolk on House Dannet land.

The PCs continued their journey, meeting several people on the road who either gave them a wide berth or hurled insults as they rode by. Eventually the PCs reached another inn where the rumours about House Bael had intensified. Residing within the inn was a middle aged knight, Hamish Flowers who proudly boasted that he had earned some easy money working with the Fox Knight. The PCs learned that he had participated in the attack on House Dannet lands but had been spared by the Fox Knight as he had convinced him that they had fought on the same side during Robert’s Rebellion. Hamish agreed to accompany House Bael on their journey to King’s Landing in order to help clear their name.

During the journey the PCs picked up a peddlar named Rog Thanders, he was a pleasant chap who wanted some protection as he rode to King’s Landing on his donkey. The PCs were ambushed during their travels and Hamish Flowers was shot in the head and killed by an unseen assassin. Two mercenaries attacked the PCs but were defeated by Aemon Snow. The mercenaries had been hired by someone pretending to be Lord Dannet and carried forgeries of commission letters stating that they had been hired by House Dannet.

The PCs finally reached King’s Landing and obtained lodgings at the Green Tree Inn. There they met several other patrons of the inn. Three members of House Lugus were in attendance as was a Dornish knight named Bryan Tilson and an old knight called Ser Joris. Ser Joris took interest in Borys Bael’s talk of the Fox Knight as he had been hunting him for years. Ser Joris offered to hunt down the Fox Knight for the PCs the next day.

The next day the PCs split up in order to investigate the conflict between House Bael and House Dannet or to explore the exciting city of King’s Landing. While out and about Aneurin was confronted by a young boy called Neil Rivers who produced a poorly forged document that claimed he was the son of Kurtis Bael. Aneurin told the boy that he wasn’t related to him but kept him around as a servant. Aemon Snow was accosted by a loud, angry blacksmith who accused Aemon of getting his daughter pregnant. Aemon summoned Borys for help but Borys could not talk the blacksmith down. Aemon tried to appeal to the daughter and she eventually took pity on his floundering attempts to prove his innocence. The girl confessed that someone had bribed her to claim he was the father of her child.

Borys met some of the members of House Lugus, Orten (a thin bookish type) and Ser Naton (a loud, boorish knight). Borys discussed the Fox Knight with Orten who claimed that his father had worked with the Fox Knight in the past. Orten was sure that the Fox Knight was not currently under his father’s employ.

The next morning Borys and Mia accompanied Ser Joris, Bryan Tilson, and Orten Lugus in hunting down the Fox Knight. Ser Joris had received a challenge delivered via messenger and a location where the Fox Knight would be. The Fox Knight was found in a clearing in the woods and he was soon attacked by Ser Joris despite Orten’s attempt at parlay. Ser Joris was badly injured by the Fox Knight and Bryan and Orten struggled against him. Mia joined the fray with her fencing blade and the Fox Knight was defeated.

Borys Bael received a package the morning of the hunt, it contained a dragonbone dagger with a hollow hilt that contained traces of a clear liquid. Borys urgently sped off to the river to dump the dagger before going on the hunt.

At the opening ceremony of the tournament, Aemon Snow was booed by some members of the crowd due to House Bael’s reputation as murderers of innocents. At the welcome fest Adham Dannet accused House Bael of the heinous crime and demaned justice. King Robert decreed that there would be a trial via joust to first fall to resolve the allegations.

Aemon easily won the joust but Adham appeared to be ill before and during the joust. Some put it down to the drinks the night before but Adham later died after the joust. House Bael were now at least innocent of the charges.

Aemon participated in the tournament and reached the quarter finals where he was unfortunately knocked out. He had won himself quite a bit of coin by this stage though.

A few days later the joust ended and the final event began, the melee. Seven teams of seven participated and Aemon took part. During the melee Bryan Tilson attacked and defeated another knight, Gennady Shanin who was wielding a sword named, Scorpion. Bryan claimed the sword was his birthright and had been stolen by his father’s murderer. During the melee Bryan enacted his revenge and took back his sword. He left the melee immediately and returned afterwards and declared that his name was in fact Tygor Wyl, a Dornish nobleman and not a hedge knight as he had previously claimed.

Aemon defeated a knight called Langley Woods who, after the melee was found dead on the field. Aemon’s blow had not killed him but it seemed he had been poisoned. Langley Woods was betrothed to Marita Lugus, The Black Widow. Her last two husbands had died or vanished mysteriously and now her third was dead. Marita and the others members of her entourage were in mourning and Marita blamed House Bael for the death of her betrothed.

During the tournament, the PCs had figured out that a missing member of House Dannet, Iris was living in King’s Landing and working as a courtesan. She had fled an arranged marriage with a merchant named Ruben Piper. The marriage had been arranged for the money as House Dannet was a house in severe decline. Iris had fled before the marriage could be arranged. Mia had a dream that contained Iris and after some investigation she found out that Iris was now going by the name of Lidda.

Iris/Lidda later appeared during the final dance and feast and accused House Bael of poisoning her dead brother, Adham. This time Orten Lugus accompanied the girl and supported her claims as he said that he saw Borys Bael receive a suspicious package a day before the joust. House Bael listed the evidence that proved their innocence but could not produce anything physical as all of the witnesses named were dead. King Robert once again declared trial by combat, this time Ameon Snow would fight Naton Lugus until one was dead or had yielded.

Naton finally yielded after a long sword fight and once again House Bael was cleared of all charges.

Orten Lugus planned to marry Iris Dannet despite her previous employment as a courtesan especially as now Ruben Piper did not want to marry a former prostitute. And with that obstacle removed, Orten Lugus married into House Dannet.

Wedding Knight

House Bael journeyed to the Crown Lands to the ancestral seat of House Manning, Helm Crest.

Kevan Manning was due to be married to Sylvie Harte to end generations of tensions between House Manning and House Harte. House Bael arrived at Helm Crest and met their relatives, they also met members of House Harte, including household knight Etan Hogg. Hogg refused to spar with Aemon Snow as he clearly disapproved of Aemon’s bastard status. The members of House Bael then enjoyed a fine welcoming meal with the rest of the wedding party. During the welcome meal Sylvie Harte fled the table seemingly ill. Sylvie’s sister Eilene voiced some concerns for her sister’s health whilst conversing with Mia and Aneurin.

The day of the wedding saw the men of the house embark on a hunting trip. Aemon did not attend as he prepared his armour and equipment for the afternoon’s tournament. Darren Manning and Aneurin (being of a similar age) hunted together but soon became lost in the forest. They disturbed a boar, which killed Darren’s horse and was about to finish off the boys when Etan Hogg appeared and killed the beast. Meanwhile Borys conversed with the elder lords of both Houses to find out anything interesting. It was clear that the lords of both houses had arranged the marriage due to the loss of sons and a desire to continue the line – House Harte in particular had no male heirs left.

In the afternoon, Aemon Snow participated in the joust and defeated a hedge knight called Berreck and a member of House Tyrell, Ser Davidian. Etan Hogg defeated Darren Manning with a vicious hit to the neck of the boy. Darren survived the hit but was severely hurt. Etan then defeated another member of the Harte’s household in a seemingly easy tilt. Aemon faced Etan in the final and after three tilts Aemon was declared the victor. Etan was not pleased. Aemon however, now had enough ransom from his vanquished opponents to afford better equipment for future tournaments and battles.

Before the wedding began, Eilene approached Mia with a secret – she had discovered that Sylvie was taking medicines that ease morning sickness – she was concerned about this as Kevan had not shared a bed with her sister. Mia had Borys convince Eilene that she should keep this information to herself so that the wedding could go ahead. The wedding ceremony began but was interrupted by Etan Hogg as he objected to the marriage on the grounds that Sylvie was pregnant with his child! Etan knocked out Kevan during a scuffle at the altar and produced a hidden sword in order to ward off the other wedding guests.

Aemon (seated at the back of the chapel) was able to run off and collect his sword. He challenged Etan to surrender himself but Etan would not take threats from a bastard. He repeatedly refused to yield during the fight and was eventually slain by Aemon after a long swordfight.

The wedding descended into chaos as Lord Harte and Lord Manning began screaming at each other. The Hartes beat a hasty retreat from the wedding as Lord Bael attempted to calm down the lords and prevent bloodshed. Borys suggested that Kevan Manning marry Eilene Hart instead but Kurtis Bael dismissed this idea as tactless given the current situation. Military action was discussed proposed by some members of House Manning but nothing came of it due to Lord Bael’s intervention.

Trouble In Pembrook

A message arrived via raven at Blood Mountain, it was from a member of the Night’s Watch, Ser Meyric Frey. The message requested urgent help from House Bael as the knight was under siege from the local smallfolk in the hamlet of Pembrook.

The group travelled down the mountain to the hamlet and discovered that a group of four Black Brothers were locked in the local smithy and surrounded by angry villagers. The group found out that a local girl, Gilly, had been found dead in the river that morning and the locals blamed the men of the Night’s Watch.

Upon further investigation it was revealed that the girl was pregnant and had been carrying out an affair with Ser Meyric for the last year. She was pregnant and had asked Ser Meyric to take her away from her arranged marriage with a local farmer, Cedric. It seems that Gilly drowned herself when Ser Meyric refused to take her with him.

Borys Bael informed the assembled smallfolk that Gilly had slipped off a log bridge to her death and the whole incident was just an unfortunate accident. Although the smallfolk seemed to accept this version of events, Cedric was enraged and rushed toward the smithy in an attempt to get at Ser Meyric inside. Borys was hurt in the altercation but Cedric was swiflty dealt with by Aemon Snow.

Aneurin escorted the members of the Night’s Watch to Blood Mountain (through a chorus of boos and thrown veg from the smallfolk) and took Cedric back to the castle for punishment. Aneurin decreed that Cedric should be forced to take the black for assaulting a noble and the Night’s Watch would also be informed via raven that Ser Meyric had broken his vows of celibacy.


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