The Night Watch

The Night's Watch is a combination of a military order, a monastic order, and a gulag. Naturally, it doesn't run quite the same as a normal army.

A handful of men stand guard against the coming of winter and the horrors of the Far North. They have forsaken all for their duty—lands, title, family, fortune. They are bastards, disgraced nobles, fallen knights, criminals, traitors, sons of whores, the lost, the forgotten, and the dregs of Westeros. Yet it is they, and no others, who bear steel against the night and face the creatures of nightmare. They alone hold the fate of Westeros in their hands, but they are few and with the coming of winter, their task seems all but impossible. Still, they stand a watch that will not end until death. They are alone, save for each other. They are the men of the Night’s Watch.

While Winterfell is impressive in terms of size and scope, it is nothing compared to the wonder of the Wall. Constructed by Bran the Builder some eight thousand years ago, the Wall is a marvel of engineering, an edifice of ice that marches from one side of Westeros to the other. The Wall stands nearly seven hundred feet tall and is wide enough at the top for a dozen armored knights to ride abreast. To the east, the Wall runs straight as a sword, and to the west, it snakes through the mountains, climbs over hills, dips into valleys, and crosses the highest peaks that march north to south.

Reaching the top of the Wall can be achieved by either ice or wooden steps set in the southern face of the Wall or by a basket hoisted up to the top by a crane. All along the top, one can find catapults, scorpions, and trebuchets, along with wooden shacks to give shelter to the men who patrol there. The Wall has no gates as such. To move beyond the Wall, one must travel through a narrow tunnel cut through the ice. These passages, where they exist, are well protected, blocked by iron bars and rigged to collapse in case of an attack.

The Night Watch

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