House Bael



House Bael is a relatively young and minor house formed during the Blackfyre Rebellion when Ser Davidian Bael was promoted from landed knight to ful lordship. It is located in the North, situated in the mountainous area on the west coast, above the Wolfswood and below the area known as New Gift.

House Bael was formed after the previous occupants of Blood Mountain, House Morrow were wiped out. Not long after the rise of this new house, it was almost destroyed by wildling raiders but the house eventually rallied and defeated the incursion. During Robert Baratheon's rebellion, House Bael sided with the Starks and Baratheons and fought against the Targaryens.

The current lord of House Bael is Kurtis Bael.

LORD KURTIS BAEL – Lord of Blood Mountain

LADY JOI BAEL – Wife of Kurtis

  • his sons
    • ANEURIN BAEL – Eldest son, Heir to Blood Mountain
    • AEMON SNOW – his bastard son
  • his daughters
  • MIA BAEL – Eldest child
  • his household
    • MAESTER JEREMI – experienced sage
    • SER JOSEF – Master at Arms
    • MARKUS – Captain of the Guards
    • BLOODY JAYKE – Mountain man and guerilla leader

House Bael

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